Mechanical Section

The Mechanical Section applies mechanical engineering to forensic problems, such as failure analysis of mechanical components and firearms examination.

Study of the Failure Analysis of Mechanical Components

Failure pressure vessel at a chemical plant

This section is responsible for failure analysis of mechanical components and assemblies such as pressure vessel at chemical processing plant, steel wire rope in lifting equipment, railway axle and so on. When a broken component is received, we determine the cause of the failure whether it is due to poor design, improper service condition, errors in assembly, inadequate maintenance and material imperfections through a fractographic examination and other material testing.


Study on Firearms Examination

5.6mm caliber illegal homemade handgun

We also conduct forensic examinations to assess the power of firearms, including a variety of illegal homemade firearms involved in various criminal activities, by measuring the muzzle velocity of a fired bullet. The characteristic features, such as types, dimensions, and action mechanism, are carefully examined. Moreover, components of firearms, e.g., frames, barrels, cylinders, and the slides of self-loading pistols, are examined to determine the caliber, model, and exact manufacturer from which the parts originated.