Third Biology Section

This section deals with research, development and casework studies for body fluids identification, species identification, and blood typing on biological samples left at crime scenes.

Research on novel analytical methods for the identification of blood and body fluid stainsy

Body fluid identification and species identification of bloodstain and body fluid stains is an essential procedure in criminal investigation on trace amount of biological samples left at crime scenes. In addition to conventional methods, novel anaytical methods using ELISA and real-time PCR have been developed to identify these biological samples.

Identification of body fluids using ELISA

Real time PCR system


Development of a novel ABO genotyping method using DNA chip technolog

A novel ABO genotyping method was developed using DNA microarray technology. This method is expected to be useful in the analysis of highly decomposed samples with which the serological method for ABO typing cannot be used due to ABH antigen deterioration.

DNA microarray scanner

ABO genotyping with DNA microarray