First Information Science Section

The first Information Science Section is responsible for application of psychology and cognitive neuroscience for criminal investigations. The main research theme is the polygraph examination. For further improvements of the technique, our studies focus on underlying psychological and neural processes related to the polygraph examinations and development of new effective indices and analysis strategy.

Sophistication of the polygraph system

The test model of the latest polygraph system

We improved the portable digital polygrph system for criminal investigations, which incorporates cutting edge technology of biosignal measurement. The latest system is capable of recording more than 20 channel of various physiological indices.


Research on New Physiological Indices for Polygraph Examination

A multi-purpose polygraph system

We develop new effective physiological indices and analysis methods of physiological responses for the polygraph examination. The applicability of cardiovascular responses including blood pressure, peripheral skin blood flow, and normalized pulse volume to the polygraph examination are investigated.