Second Information Science Section

The Second Information Science Section conducts research on and the development of handwriting identification, seal identification, the decipherment of erased or obliterated letters, office machine identification, printed matter examination, and counterfeit examination.

Research on Handwriting Identification

Online data acquisition device

A writer of suspect handwriting can be identified through geometric pattern in handwriting, such as stroke length and slant. The development of an online data acquisition system aids in research on the application of kinetic information of writing to writer identification.


Research on Fraudulent Document Examination

Comparison of a genuine ¥10,000 note (left) and a counterfeit ¥10,000 note (right).

Research is conducted on the method for determining the production of fraudulent documents such as counterfeit currency. Rapid progress in image processing techniques has brought new means and methods to enable fraudulence. The development of a new examination technique is now under way.