Identification Center

The duty of the Identification Center is assigned by the president of the Institute on a yearly basis in reponse to the trend of crime. In addition to these missions, fundamental and basic studies which support the advanced identification are proceeding. Futhermore, the application of highly advanced analytical instruments to the identification has been examined.

DNA typing of forensic reference samples

The center analyses buccal swab samples submitted from the victims and/or suspect as reference samples in order to compare their DNA profiles with the ones of other biological evidence from crime scene analyzed in fourth biological section of first department for casework identification. Moreover, we promote the study of effective and reliable methods for DNA analysis.

Next generation sequencer

RFLP analysis by LC/high resolution MS


Counterfeit coin identification

Example of couterfeit coin

The Center examines them closely under a stereomicroscope and a comparison microscope, measures their conductivities, and analyzes them by an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. They are then classified according to their characteristics.


Application of Raman spectrometry to fiber identification

Raman spectra of a single polyester fiber

Application of advanced instrumental analysis to single fiber identification has been examining, such as confocal and polarized Raman spectrometry. In addition to the infrared spectrometry, this method enable to conduct a detail identification of single fibers.