Researches and Educational Training

Police Info-Communications Research Center

 The Police Info-Communications Research Center was established in the National Police Academy as a dedicated institute to conduct research on police info-communications. The Center conducts researches on communications technology, information management and other information-communication technologies applicable to police activities, considering needs from the field and the latest technical trends.

Example 1 - Study on detection by small-sized unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)
 This study aims at research for early detection of flying small-sized unmanned aerial vehicles (drones).

Example 2 - Study on the use of network technology in police info-communications
 The NPA conducts research and studies to introduce the latest network technology into police info-communications systems.

Research and Training Center for Cyber Security


 Research and Training Center for Cyber Security has been established in the National Police Academy as an organization to conduct researches on the digital forensics for crime control and trainings to improve the police's ability to deal with cyberspace as a whole. It consists of two offices, the Analysis Laboratory and the Investigation Training Room.


Analysis Laboratory

 The Analysis Laboratory, while gaining excellent knowledge from the private sector, conducts researches on the latest information-communication technology that can be misused for cybercrimes and cyberattacks, as well as researches to establish analysis methods for various electronic devices, and the results of researches are deployed to the police force nationwide.

Example 1 - Study for the establishment of analysis technique of various electronic devices
 The NPA conducts researches to establish methods for analyzing data recorded in the latest electronic devices such as mobile phones, smart phones, and navigation devices.


Example 2 - Study for the establishment of analysis technique of self-driving cars
 The NPA researches on analysis technique of data obtained from on-board networks and computers that control automobiles, as well as various sensors and cameras that are indispensable for autonomous driving technology.


Investigation Training Room

 To improve the ability to deal with cyber threats, the Investigation Training Room provides trainings for officers and investigators engaged in countermeasures against cybercrimes and cyberattacks at all departments in Japan to acquire advanced technical knowledge for crime control.

Training Based on Cases
 Training is conducted to help attendees acquire more advanced technical knowledge through practical exercises using Cyber Ranges.

Lecture on the Latest Cyberspace Situation
 To help attendees acquire knowledge to deal with new cyberspace threats, lectures are given by invited outside experts, such as those from security-related businesses, as well as internal instructors.

Police Info-Communications Academy

 The Police Info-Communications Academy (PICA) was established in the National Police Academy as an institute to conduct researches and educations on police info-communications.
 The PICA conducts introductory education and training for newly-employed officials and advanced education for promoted officials. In addition, the PICA has various training courses for experts in respective technological fields such as information management, backbone network, data communications, mobile communications, microwave radio communications, satellite and video communications, digital forensics to make students master expertise necessary to maintain, manage and operate police info-communications facilities and also support investigations of cyber-crimes.