Police Radio Systems

 The police have three radio communication systems: mobile communications system, police-station-level communications system, and portable communications system, as well as advanced infrastructures of police info-communications system.
 Digital encryption is employed in all of them to ensure high-level confidentiality as well as strong resistance to interference.

Mobile Communications System

 The mobile communications system is a radio communications system that enables the communications command center to give directions to police patrol cars, motorcycles, helicopters, boats or to police stations.
 This system is basically under the jurisdiction of each PPH. The coverage, however, can be expanded to the whole nation if needed. In addition, the system enables a radio set on a patrol car to conduct voice and data communications simultaneously. Using the radio set as a temporary relay station can expand a service area to perform radio communications in mountainous areas where radio waves do not normally reach.

Police-station-Level Communications System

 The police-station-level communications system is a radio communications system used to communicate between police officers and police stations and between police officers.
 This system is designed to cover the jurisdiction of each police station under the PPHs all over Japan.

Portable Communications System

 The portable communications system is a wireless communication tool used for direct communications among portable wireless devices.
 The portable communications system is mainly used in local police activities. Radio sets of the portable communications system, which are small size, light weight, and have long-lasting batteries, are also used in inter-prefectural emergency rescue activities in times of disasters.

Advanced Infrastructures of Police Info-communications System

 The advanced infrastructures of police info-communications system (P III*: Police Triple Is) mainly consists of smart phones and tablets that use mobile carrier networks.
 This system enables P III data terminals all over Japan to communicate with police telephones and transmit local videos to Communications Command Centers.

* PⅢ(Police Integrated Info-communication Infrastructure)