Analysis of Electromagnetic Records

Digital Forensics

 Since the information stored in electronic devices used for crimes may be significant objective evidences in criminal investigations, analysis of electromagnetic records is indispensable for practical criminal investigation. For this reason, the NPA is strengthening its action on digital forensics, such as the technologies and the procedure of analyzing electromagnetic records for proof of crime.
 In particular, the NPA reinforce the ability of analysis by not only setting up organization for technological support but also aggregation and systematization of knowledge on analysis of electromagnetic records, and enhancement of equipment for the analysis. In addition, the NPA promotes an enhancement of cooperation in various areas, such as information sharing with relevant foreign organizations for comprehension of global technological trends and conclusions of technical cooperation agreements with private companies.

Efforts in Digital Forensics

Organizational Structure for Technical Assistance to Control Crimes

Engineering support system

 With the rapid progress of info-communication technology, new electric devices including IoT* devices and info-communication services appear one after another and such the devices have become to be used for all types of crimes, for this reason advanced technological knowledge is indispensable for controlling crimes.
 Therefore, the police set up High-Tech Crime Technology Divisions in Info-Communication Bureau at the NPA, in Regional Police Bureaus, and in prefectural info-communications departments to provide technological support using digital forensics for criminal investigations conducted by prefectural police departments.
 On request from the prefectural police, the High-Tech Crime Technology Division of the prefectural info-communications dept. provides technological guidance on search, seizure, and verification, and also extracts electromagnetic records from seized electronic devices and makes them understandable data.
 High-Tech Crime Technology Division of Regional Police Bureaus supports High-Tech Crime Technology Division of Prefectural Info-Communications Dept. by implementing advanced analysis, dispatching personnel depending on the situation and providing materials and equipment.
 “Digital Forensic Center” , set up in High-Tech Crime Technology Division of Info-Communications Bureau, National Police Agency, JAPAN, works as an epicenter of digital forensics for criminal investigations. The center conducts highly advanced analysis, for example, reading information or extracting and analyzing concealed information from damaged electromagnetic storage medium, and analyzing malicious programs including computer viruses.

* IoT:Internet of Things