Mobile Police Communications Squads

 In case of disasters, accidents, serious crimes, security activities and criminal investigations, it is essential to grasp the detailed situation of the scenes, and carry out commands, orders, and reports among officers to deal with such situations.
 Mobile Police Communications Squads are organized in RPBs and prefectural info-communications departments all over Japan and the duty of the Squads is to organize a police info-communications system at the sites. Specifically, they transmit live video images of the scenes to PPHs. They also install and operate temporary communications systems depending on the nature of the case and the situation at the site.

Activities in Disaster and Accident Scenes

 In the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, and heavy rains, or serious accidents of aircrafts, railways, ships, etc., Mobile Police Communications Squads are immediately dispatched to the scene to transmit on-site videos and ensure communication measures.

 In response to the disaster caused by Typhoon 19 in October 2019, real-time videos covering the damage and police activities were transmitted to PPHs, the NPA, and the Prime Minister’s Office, using a helicopter television system, a digital video mobile transmission system, a satellite communications vehicle, etc. In addition, temporary communication facilities were installed at the local command post. Moreover, because the supply of electricity was unstable, particularly in the affected areas, the Squads maintained the functions of the police communications facilities by transporting emergency generator fuel on foot to a radio relay station near the mountaintop.

Activities Supporting Imperial and Dignitary Protection

 Imperial and dignitary protection and crowd control operation are carried out based on security operation plans formulated in advance. Based on the plan, the Mobile Police Communications Squads install communications measures necessary for the operations and transmits on-site videos.
 Specifically, the Squads install temporary radio communications systems to secure the communications lines for a prompt and accurate chain of command between the field headquarters and police units. When police radio waves do not reach, the Squads install and operate temporary radio relay stations. They use fixed cameras and helicopter television systems to transmit videos of the surrounding environment to be guarded to the security headquarters.
 In 2019, during the Enthronement Ceremony of His Majesty the Emperor and the 70th National Tree Planting Festival, in which Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress attended, the Squads operated a temporary wireless relay station to secure communications in places where radio waves could not reach. The Squads also transmitted necessary videos to the NPA, etc., and contributed to ensuring the safety of the Imperial family and preventing crowd accidents for visitors.
 In addition, at the G20 Osaka Summit and related ministerial meetings, the Squads ensured communication means for all units through Police Integrated Info-communication Infrastructure, and also contributed to ensuring the safety of VIPs and the smooth execution of events by transmitting live videos from temporarily installed fixed cameras and helicopter television systems to the security headquarters.

Activities Supporting Criminal Investigations

 In the event of a serious crime such as abduction or a hostage taking, Mobile Police Communications Squads are immediately dispatched to the crime scene. In collaboration with investigators, the Squads ensure the transmission of on-site video and the means of communication necessary for criminal investigation carefully and accurately, taking into consideration of the safety of the hostage.
 Specifically, fixed cameras and video transmission devices are installed to transmit on-site videos as well as operate satellite communications vehicles depending on circumstances.
 These activities support front-line police activities and contribute to arresting suspects and ensuring the safety and security of the public.


 To improve and strengthen the response capabilities, Mobile Police Communications Squads repeatedly and continuously conduct practical trainings assuming various disasters, accidents, serious cases, etc. with the respective PPHs.
 Joint trainings are also held with neighboring prefectural squads to deal with inter-prefectural incidents and large-scale disasters.