Utilization of Advanced Technology

Efforts to Introduce Advanced Technology

 The situation surrounding the police is rapidly changing with the population decline, the aging society, and the progress of science and technology. To cope with the changes of the situation appropriately, it is necessary to drastically upgrade and optimize police operations by introducing advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), which has been rapidly developing in recent years.
 In order to safely and smoothly introduce advanced technologies to police activities that protect the lives of people, Info-Communications Dept. is working to identify issues for actual operations through demonstration experiments.


Usage of RPA, etc.

 As the work style reform and work-life balance progress, there is a growing trend toward automating relatively simple tasks that currently require human resources, such as the aggregation of various applications, to reduce the workload and to assign staff to more advanced tasks.
 Info-Communications Dept. is working to improve operational efficiency by utilizing new technologies such as RPA *, a software-based business automation technology.
* RPA:Robotic Process Automation