Police Info-Communications

Police Info-communications Supporting Police Activities

 The Police Info-Communications services are broadly divided into, “police communication,” “information management,” and “digital forensics” to support police activities through information and communication technology (ICT).
 Because the “police communication” is the “nervous system” of the police, the “police communication” service develops the police backbone networks system consisting of multi-channel microwave radio links all over Japan, exclusive communication networks of telecommunications carriers, etc., maintains and operates them 24 hours a day. In addition, during a disaster, live video images of the scenes are taken and transmitted to Police Headquarters.
 The “information management” service maintains databases of the NPA 24 hours a day to share them among all Prefectural Police Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as the “PPH”).
 With the rapid progress of information technology, electronic devices are misused in various types of crimes, and cyberspace threats like cybercrimes or cyberattacks are increasing. The “digital forensics” provide technical supports to police activities related to these situations.
 In addition, the Police Info-Communications services facilitate and enhance police activities through coordination and cooperation with other organizations overseas, the usage of advanced technologies, R&D and training on information communication technology, and training for investigators.


Police Info-Communications Organization

 The organization of police info-communications is based on the Info-Communications Bureau of the NPA. It supervises its attached organizations and local organizations, such as Info-Communications Department of Regional Police Bureaus (hereinafter referred to as the “RPB”), Tokyo Metropolitan Police Info-Communications Dept. (including Tama Communications Branch), and Hokkaido Prefectural Police Info-Communications Dept. (including Area Info-Communications Branch), Prefectural Info-Communications Dept., and Information Systems Divs. of PPHs. Besides, the Police Info-Communications Research Center, Research and Training Center for Cyber Security and Police Info-Communications Academy have been established as R&D and training organizations within the National Police Academy.
(As of January 2020)