Actions to Improve Forensic Capabilities

 Cybercrimes and Cyberattacks using malicious programs occur frequently, and these techniques are becoming more sophisticated and more diversified. Thus, extremely advanced technical capabilities are required to analyze malware. In addition, improving capabilities of forensic analysis is necessary to be able to tackle the latest technologies, because of wide spread of new electronic devices such as IoT devices and related services in society, applications for devices such as smart phones being more diversified and complex, and the technological development to realize autonomous driving systems being promoted.
 Thus, the NPA makes efforts to improve the analysis capabilities of the digital forensics dept., such as conducting practical training using hypothetical scenarios of serious cyberattacks and learning training on the latest analysis methods. In addition, staffs are dispatched to academic institutions in Japan to conduct surveys and research on the latest analytical methods, etc.


 Since 2015, the National Center of Incident readiness and Strategy For Cybersecurity (NISC) has held inter-agency cyber attack simulations: "NATIONAL 318 (CYBER) EKIDEN," in which info-communications staffs participate as representatives of the NPA and achieved good results every year.
 Results: Overall victories in 2015, 2016, and 2019