Police Backbone Networks System

 Accurate communication of information is crucial for police activities. The police develop, maintain, and manage the Police Backbone Networks System, which is composed of various networks such as multi-channel microwave radio links, exclusive lines leased from private telecommunications carriers and satellite communications systems. Police-related facilities such as the NPA, RPBs, PPHs, police stations, police boxes and residential police boxes all over Japan are connected by exclusive communications networks. Many types of systems like police telephone, police radio system, communications command systems, and the police information management system are implemented on the Police Backbone Networks System and are used for police activities 24 hours 7 days.
 The Police Backbone Networks System must not be disrupted even in the event of a large natural disaster. Thus, , the multi-channel microwave radio link is IP-based and has a redundant circuit to make those networks more stable and reliable. In addition, police info-communications officers keep on monitoring the networks and systems, and take emergency measures in case of troubles, making the Police Backbone Networks highly reliable and disaster-resistant. The service of police info-communication survived the Great East Japan Earthquake and kept its functions while private telecommunications carriers were completely interrupted.