Communications Command Systems

  Communications Command Systems are implemented in each PPH. They are designed to receive emergency calls (Dial 110) from people and to facilitate necessary commands and operations in a prompt and appropriate manner according to the reported crimes/accidents.
  Dial 110 calls are received by police officers on duty at the response desk of the Communications Command Center. The officers ask the callers about the situation and location of the incidents/accidents. While detailed information is being drawn out, the caller locating system and the location mapping system help the officers pinpoint the locations of the events, and they dispatch police officers to the scene promptly.

Community Police Digital Radio System

  In order to enhance initial police activities, the Community Police Radio System has been implemented.
  It is composed of radio sets for voice communication and data terminals for police data transmission. It enables to exchange and share information such as text, image and location etc. among Communications Command Center, police station and police officer.