Research and Development

Police Info-Communications Research Center

  The Police Info-Communications Research Center was established in the National Police Academy as a dedicated institute to carry out research and development on the matters regarding info-communications technologies. The Center researches on communications technology, information management and other technologies applicable to police activities, taking into account of needs from the field and of the latest technical trends.

Example1 - Study on detecting small-sized unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)
  This study aims at research for early detection of flying small-sized unmanned aerial vehicles (drones).

Example2 - Study on utilizing devices of Internet of Things (IoT)
  This study aims at research for utilizing features of IoT devices such as real-time transmission of wearable cameras.

Example3 - Study on artificial intelligence (AI)
  This study aims at research for artificial intelligence which identifies images.

Cyber Security Research-Training Center

  The Cyber Security Research-Training Center was established in the National Police Academy as a special institute to research on analysis technique of digital data for countermeasures against cybercrime and train staff. In Analysis Laboratory, cutting-edge ICT which can be abused for cybercrime or cyber attack and analysis technique of electronic device are researched.

Example - Study on technologies and procedures for reliable analysis of digital data
  The study aims at analysis of the latest electronic devices such as mobile phone, smart phone or navigation system.