Analysis of Electromagnetic Records

Digital forensics

Overview of Digital Forensics

  Electronic devices including mobile phones, smart phones, and computers are widespread in our daily lives, and various kinds of data stored in such devices may give investigators clues to the whole picture of a crime. Therefore, analysis of digital evidence is crucially necessary for criminal investigation. Accordingly, the National Police Agency is strengthening its efforts in digital forensics - that is, the technology and procedure of analyzing digital evidence to prove a crime.
  Specifically, along with maintaining dedicated departments charged with providing technical assistance for controlling crimes, the NPA works at enhancing the abilities for analysis of digital data through gathering and systematizing technical knowledge concerning digital forensics, human resource development and others. Moreover, the NPA promotes the cooperation with other organizations in the field of digital forensics. The cooperation includes information sharing with foreign law enforcement organizations to grasp technological trends overseas, and technological cooperation agreements with private entities.

Efforts in Digital Forensics
Efforts in Digital Forensics

Organizational structure for technical assistance to control crimes

Capabilities of Technical Assistance
Capabilities of Technical Assistance

  Electronic devices including mobile phones, smart phones, and computers are widespread in our daily lives, and such devices can be used for all types of crimes, which makes technical expertise necessary for controlling crimes. For this, in order to provide technical assistance for prefectural police forces‘ activities, the police places High-Tech Crime Technology Division/Section (HTCTD/S) at Info-Communications Bureau of the NPA; each Regional Police Bureau; and each Prefectural Info-Communications Department.

  HTCTSs in prefectures, if requested by the prefectural police, give technical assistance for search and seizures, inspections, and so on; analyze data stored in electronic devices such as mobile phones, smartphones and computers which are obtained through search and seizures, etc.
  On the other hand, the Digital Forensic Center at the HTCTD, Info-Communications Bureau of the NPA, as the center of digital forensics in Japan, deals with difficult tasks which are beyond the capability of HTCTSs in prefectures. The DFC's tasks include: retrieving data from damaged storage media; extracting and analyzing hidden data; analyzing malicious programs such as computer virus; and so on.