Malware Analysis Capabilities

  In 2011, the Penal Code was amended and an article that regarding electromagnetic records that give unauthorized commands was added, the article includes a paragraph regarding so-called "a crime of the creation of computer viruses". In addition, crimes that utilize malware occur frequently and losses from online banking fraud remain high. Also, targeted attacks aiming at stealing secrets, etc., occur frequently as well. Under these circumstances, the demand for malware analysis is growing. Furthermore, malware is becoming more complicated and sophisticated. In order to analyze such malware, swiftness and very high level of technical skills are required.
  In response to these circumstances, the police, under the leadership of the Digital Forensic Center at High-Tech Crime Technology Division, Info-Communications Bureau, NPA, strives to conduct malware analysis with its overall capabilities through: gathering and analyzing information regarding malware; appointing staffs who excel in malware analysis as "Forensic examiners"; etc.