Police Information Management System

  Police information management system is composed of the information systems in the NPA, PPHs, and the data communications lines among them. This system effectively supports various police activities including front-line police activities, criminal investigations, police administrative services, smooth coordination with other organizations and so on.

Support for Front-line Police Activities

  The NPA operates databases which store various information like wanted persons, missing persons, stolen vehicles, etc. in advance. Those databases support police officers in front-line by prompt response to inquiry from them.

Assistance for Criminal Investigation 1

  In order to support criminal investigation, the NPA operates Automated Fingerprint and Palm print Identification System which stores finger/palm prints obtained from the suspects and crime-scene finger/palm prints attributable to the criminals in the database of the NPA and compares them automatically.

Assistance for Criminal Investigation 2

  Another system to support criminal investigation is Information Analysis Support System which displays the situation of the crime, and related information such as criminal modus operandi, criminal statistics, etc. on the map.

Assistance for Criminal Investigation 3

  The National Public Safety Commission and the NPA gather and analyze information of suspicious financial transaction stipulated in the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds as appointed enterprises should report those information to the relevant official organizations. Those information accumulated by the NPA is provided to law enforcement organizations to be utilized for money laundering investigations and so on.

Contribution to Prompt Police Administrative Services 1

  The NPA manages information regarding driver’s license by its database. The system contributes to on-the-day issuance of driver’s license, prevention of dishonest acquisition of the licenses and appropriate implementation of administrative punishment by traffic violation points system and so on.

Contribution to Prompt Police Administrative Services 2

  The NPA also manages information regarding permission for possession of firearms based on the Act for Controlling the Possession of Firearms or Swords and Other Such Weapons. PPHs use these information to exclude inappropriate possessor, to detect stolen firearms and so on.

Smooth Coordination with Other Organizations

  The NPA introduced systems which provide function to compare the information on the advanced passenger list of the aircraft destined to Japan and the information on the interest from other relevant organizations for appropriate border control and smooth coordination of international criminal investigation.

Ensuring Business Continuity of Information Systems

  The NPA promotes ensuring business continuity of information systems and enabling its business simultaneously in case of emergency like disasters.
  Specifically, the NPA conducts data backup of information systems the business of which have very high priority in emergency, and makes its communications lines redundant, and increases maintenance and operation officers, etc. to keep functions of its systems continuously available. In addition, the NPA promotes to conduct practical education and training to the officers to ensure that the measures stay effective or improved.