Mobile Police Communications Squad

  In case of disasters, accidents, serious crimes, security activities and criminal investigations, grasping the detailed situation of the scenes and communicating among colleagues is crucial in making appropriate commands and dealing with such situations.
  Therefore, Mobile Police Communications Squad is organized in each info-communications department all over Japan and the duty of the Squad is to secure police info-communications system in the scenes. Specifically, they transmit live video images of the scenes to PPH, NPA and other relevant organizations, and install and operate temporary communications systems depending on the situation.

Activities at the Scene of Disasters/Accidents

  When natural disasters or serious accidents occur, Mobile Police Communications Squad are immediately dispatched to the scene. They smoothly transmit the video of the scene to related Police Station and PPH, and establish means of communications for the on-site police officers. Specifically, they operate helicopter television systems, digital video images transmitting units, portable satellite communications equipment, satellite communications vehicles and temporary radio relay stations.

  In September 2015, extremely torrential rain hit Kanto and Tohoku region in Eastern Japan. By operating communications systems such as helicopter television systems, satellite vehicles and portable satellite communications equipment, the squad transmitted live images of the scenes to PPH, NPA and Prime Minister Office, including the images of widely flooded by the collapse of an embankment and rescue and search activities. Further, the squad installed and operated temporary radio relay stations to secure communications among police officers.

Activities Supporting Imperial and Dignitary Protection

Installation of Cameras
Installation of Cameras

  Imperial and dignitary protection and crowd control operation are carried out based on security operation plans formulated in advance. Based on the plan, Mobile Police Communications Squad install communications measures necessary for the operations.
  Concretely, the Squad install temporary radio communications systems to secure the communications lines for prompt and accurate commands/reports between the field headquarters and police units. To remove insensitive zones of the police radio, the Squad install temporary radio relay stations. The installation of surveillance cameras is also included in their activities, and they operate helicopter television systems that enable police officers to grasp the detailed situation of the distribution of the units, surrounding areas and/of the targeted persons. The live images are appropriately shared in the operation headquarters.

Activities Supporting Criminal Investigations

  When a serious crime such as an abduction or a hostage siege occurs, Mobile Police Communications Squad is immediately dispatched to the crime scene. In collaboration with investigators, the Squad establish means of communications carefully and appropriately for the on-site investigation.
  Specifically, the Squad install and operates video cameras as well as live-image transmitting systems so that investigators can grasp the current situation of the crime scenes. Depending on the situation, temporary radio relay stations and helicopter television systems are also manipulated by the Squad for efficient and effective investigations.


  To improve and strengthen the response capability, Mobile Police Communications Squad conduct practical trainings assuming various disasters and accidents. The each squad holds trainings repeatedly and continuously collaborating with each PPH. Joint trainings are also held by neighboring prefectural squad in order to deal with inter-prefectural incidents and large-scale disasters.