Police Radio Systems

  Japanese police have four different kinds of police radio systems, mobile communications system, police-station-level communications system, WIDE communications system and portable communications system. Digital encryption is implemented in all of them to ensure high secrecy of police communication as well as strong durability against interference.

Mobile Communications System

  Mobile communications system enables patrol cars, police motorcycles, police helicopters and police boat to directly communicate with command center or police stations. It basically covers the jurisdiction of each PPH, however, the coverage can be expanded to the whole nation as needed. The onboard radio equipment can simultaneously transfers voice and data. It is sometimes used as a temporary relay station, which means that this relay function ensures communication between a police officer outside of its service area like a mountainous area and the communications command center.

Police-Station-Level Communications System

  Police-station-level communications system is implemented as a communication tool by which a police officer can connect to his police station. This system is designed to cover the jurisdiction of each police station.

Wireless Integrated Digital Equipment (WIDE) Communications System

  Wireless Integrated Digital Equipment (WIDE) is another mobile radio system. It is specialized to Japanese Police and provides ordinary mobile telephone function. It has the one-to-one communication function as well as Push-to-Talk function. Thus, the small handy devices are used as not only cellular phones but also radio equipment which can directly communicate with plural radio terminals as needed.

Portable Communications System

  Portable communications system establishes an environment where a police officer can directly communicate with other officers. This system is mainly used in police local activities. Besides, thanks to its small-sized appearance and light weight, it is often used in inter-prefectural emergency rescue activities at disaster sites.