Suspected Abduction of Cases by North KoreaSuspected Abduction of Japanese Nationals日本人拉致容疑事案について
Occurrence of the Suspected Cases
Suspected Abduction Case of two Siblings
Ushitsu case
Suspected Abduction Case of a Woman
Suspected Abduction Case of a Secondary School Girl
Suspected Abduction Case of Ex-diner Employee
"Lee Un Hae" Case
Suspected Abduction Case of a Couple (Fukui Prefecture)
Suspected Abduction Case of a Couple (Niigata Prefecture)
Suspected Abduction Case of a Couple (Kagoshima Prefecture)
Suspected Abduction Case of a Mother and Daughter
Suspected Abduction Case of two Japanese Males in Europe
"Shin Kwang Soo"Case
Suspected Abduction Case of a Japanese Female in Europe
International Wanted List for Abductions
National Police Agency
Metropolitan Police Department
Saitama Prefectural Police Headquarters
Niigata Prefectural Police Headquarters
Fukui Prefectural Police Headquarters
Hyogo Prefectural Police Headquarters
Tottori Prefectural Police Headquarters
Kagoshima Prefectural Police Headquarters
 There are 13 cases involving 19 victims suspected to have been abducted by North Korean agents and taken to North Korea. One of them was the two siblings abducted in Fukui prefecture in mid June 1974, others include a secondary school girl abducted in Niigata prefecture in November 1977, couples who became missing from July through August of 1978 last seen near the seashores of Fukui, Niigata, and Kagoshima prefectures. Three Japanese were also abducted in Europe during from 1980 to 1983. In addition, there was an attempted abduction case near the seashore in Toyama prefecture in August 1978.
 It may be inferred from some cases that the main purposes of these abductions of Japanese nationals are to make them train North Korean agents to act as Japanese or to enable North Korean agents to impersonate them.
 The Japanese Police obtained arrest warrants of eleven suspects, including North Korean agents and one YODO-go suspect, placed them on the wanted list of the lnterpol for abductions and has taken other necessary measures.
 At the 3rd Working Level Consultation between Japan-NK in Nov 2004, North Korea handed to the Japanese Delegation"new evidences "including the ashes said to be of victims.
 However,as a result of DNA tests,the DNA profiles identified from part of ashes were found different from those of victims.
 The Japanese police are continuing their investigation into these cases through exchanging information with the authorities and agencies concerned.
 If you have any information regarding these incidents,please contact us at the number below or by email.
National Police Agency 03-3581-0141 ext. 5813
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Saitama Prefectural Police 048-832-0110 ext. 707-513
Niigata Prefectural Police 025-285-0110 ext. 5814
Fukui Prefectural Police 0776-22-2880 ext. 5592
Hyogo Prefectural Police 078-341-7441 ext. 5835
Tottori Prefectural Police 0857-23-0110 ext. 5799
Kagoshima Prefectural Police 099-206-0110 ext. 5592~5593