Suspected Abduction of Cases by North KoreaSuspected Abduction Cases by North Korea北朝鮮による拉致容疑事案について
 Ushitsu Case
 In September 1977, a North Korean resident in Japan, who had been engaged in espionage for North Korea and was ordered by North Korean authorities, took his Japanese acquaintance, Mr. KUME Yutaka, in Tokyo, aged 52, out to the coast near Ushitsu, Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa prefecture, and delivered him to North Korean agents who came by a spy ship. This North Korean resident was arrested by the Ishikawa prefectural police.
 The Japanese police seized the data which support espionage and also obtained the concrete and detailed deposition by the suspect about the circumstances of the abduction, the motive and the situation. As a result of the required investigations based on such evidence, it is believed that he was abducted by North Korea, and then taken to North Korea.
The Police have obtained an arrest warrant on North Korean agent, Kim Se Ho, who is the principal offender of this case, and had him on the wanted list of the Interpol. The Police also requested North Korea, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the extradition of Kim.