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Special Feature: Progress and Future Prospects Regarding Measures against Organized Crime 1


Topic I:  Police Rescue Operations under Harsh Natural Conditions 21


Topic II:  Measures against Child Abuse 24


Topic III:  A New Framework of Collaboration between Industry, Academia and Government to Cope with Threats in Cyberspace 28


Topic IV:  Initiatives Aimed at Traffic Safety for the Elderly 31


Topic V:  The Threat of International Terrorism and Police Counter Terrorism Initiatives 35


Chapter 1 Police Organization and the Public Safety Commission System 38


Chapter 2 Ensuring Community Safety and Criminal Investigation 41


Chapter 3 Securing Safety in Cyberspace 45


Chapter 4 Ensuring Safe and Comfortable Traffic Conditions 48


Chapter 5 Maintaining Public Safety and Disaster Countermeasures 51


Chapter 6 Police Activity Support 54