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Child sexual exploitation and its photos/videos must be eradicated.

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✔ Basic Plan on Measures against Child Sexual Exploitation[April 2017](PDF_248KB)
✔ Basic Plan on Measures against Child Sexual Exploitation[April 2017](SUMMARY)(PDF_472KB)
✔ Japan child sex abuse network ringleader identified via INTERPOL is jailed(INTERPOL website)
✔ Third Comprehensive Measures to Eliminate Child Pornography(Ministerial Meeting Concerning Measures Against Crime)[July 2016](PDF_192KB)
✔ Child pornography report 2015
✔ The 14th Conference of Investigators on Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Southeast Asia was Held.
✮Arrest of a Japanese for his crime committed outside Japan
⇒A 64-year-old unemployed man paid for sex with a minor Filipino girl, filmed the sex scene and produced child pornography in Manila, Philippine in january 2014. The Japanese police arrested him for violating the Child Prostitution and Pornography Law (production of child pornography) in April 2015.

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Possession of child pornography for the purpose of satisfying one's own sexual curiosity becomes punishable.
⇒From 15 July 2015, any person who possesses child pornography for the purpose of satisfying one's own sexual curiosity shall be sentenced to imprisonment with work for not more than one year or a fine of not more than one million yen.(Article7(1))
Photos/videos of child sexual exploitation are never forgiven.
⇒It is a hideous crime which gravely infringes human rights of the child.
Photos/videos are abominable record of sexual exploitation.
⇒The child is not only physically victimized by a sexual abuse/crime but is also recorded the scene in the visible way.
The victims remain suffered from the photos/videos.
⇒Once the photo/video is diffused through internet, it can spread all over the world. It is hardly wiped out, so that the victim continues to be annoyed for a long time.
Photos/videos aggravate the sexual motive toward children shared by some people.
⇒The shared and intensified sexual motive raises general risk to victimize children in various crimes.

The generations of victims spread from infant to high school. It shall be specially mentioned that rape or indecent assault is used in the process to produce approximately 70 percent of the photo/video which targeted those in the age of primary school or under, having no way to resist.

A criminal related to the child sexual exploitation shall be punished pursuant to the law.
The police of all Japan have been enhancing activities to combat the child sexual exploitation. Your understanding and cooperation is indispensable.

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✔ Act on Regulation and Punishment of Acts Relating to Child Prostitution and Child Pornography, and the Protection of Children[Act No. 52, 1999]
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