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Research and Training Center for International Criminal Investigation and Police Cooperation

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The center dates back to April 1985 when it had started as the International Research and Training Institute for Criminal Investigation . In April 2006, it was modified to the present one to expand its role in international police cooperation, specifically technical assistance and transfer to foreign countries. The center provides not only Japanese police personnel but also overseas officers with training courses concerning international police cooperation, including transnational criminal investigation, mutual legal assistance, police administrative assistance and other international police matters. It also carries out necessary research activities.


1.For Japanese police personnel

Criminal offenses committed by foreign visitors to Japan are increasing. In order to carry out effective investigations into such offenses, foreign language skills and non-conventional methods different from those of the crimes committed by Japanese are indispensable. The police officers who are engaged in the international investigation are required to master foreign languages as well as extensive knowledge on immigration control, international investigative assistance, conventions and treaties on criminal procedures, and domestic and overseas laws. Therefore, the center provides training programs on foreign languages and international criminal investigation to bring up competent international criminal investigators. It also provides seminars on international cooperation to those who are supposed to be assigned to foreign countries as police technical experts.

2.For overseas officers

Japanese police management, Koban system, investigation technique and criminal identification skill have been watched with keen interest by overseas law enforcement agencies, and urgently requested to transfer. In order to act on these requests, the center holds international seminars for overseas officers on its own initiative or in cooperation with JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) to promote the transfer of technology.

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