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Police Info-Communications Research Center

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The Police Info-Communications Center has been established in the National Police Academy as a research institute of informations and communications. The center researches info-communications technology for police activities based on the needs in the field and technology trends. The center also researches information-communication networks , mobile communications systems, info-communications security, and supporting technique for front-line police activities.p>

Examples of the research activities

  1. Enhancement of security camera images

    The center researches image processing technique to obtain clearer pictures from the unclear ones that were recorded by security cameras.

    Enhancement of CCTV camera images

  2. Advancement of mobile communications technology

    The center researches advanced mobile communication systems for patrol cars and police officers, fundamental resolution of blind area, robustness of systems and supporting data communication. The center also researches designing of requirement of mobile communication for next generation and upgrading of mobile communications.

    Advancement of mobile communications technology

  3. Information security technology

    The center researches face recognition technology and voice recognition technology to upgrad police information security systems.

    Information Security technology

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