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Fiscal year 2012 Measures for Crime Victims [Summary]

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Chapter 1 Special Feature "Development of Support for Crime Victims within the Community"

  1. Section 1: Efforts to Foster the Understandings (PDF:189KB)open a new window
  2. Section 2: Improvement of Infrastructure and System for Crime Victim Support (PDF:333KB)open a new window
  3. Section 3: Support for Crime Victims by Local Governments (PDF:117KB)open a new window

Chapter 2 Concrete Measures for Crime Victims and Their Progress (PDF:485KB)open a new window

  1. Section 1: Efforts to Recover the Victim’s Damages and to Provide them with Economic
  2. Section 2: Efforts for the Victims to Recover from or to Prevent Mental and/or Physical Damage
  3. Section 3: Efforts to Broaden the Opportunity for Victims to Participate in Criminal Procedures
  4. Section 4: Efforts to Improve the System to Support Crime Victims
  5. Section 5: Efforts to Foster the Understanding among Citizens and to Earn Their Consideration and Cooperation
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