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Fiscal Year 2007
Measures for Crime Victims

Cabinet Office
Government of Japan

Cover (PDF:12KB)

Preface (PDF:16KB)

Table of Contents (PDF:16KB)

Chapter1 Comprehensive and systematic promotion of the measures for crime victims (PDF:122KB)

  1. Section 1 Development of the measures for crime victims in Japan
  2. Section 2 Outline of government-wide promotion system
  3. Section 3 Outline of Basic Plan for Crime Victims
  4. Section 4 Activity status of measures for promotion system

Chapter2 Concrete measures for crime victims (PDF:273KB)

  1. Section 1 Efforts towards damage recovery and economic support
  2. Section 2 Efforts towards the recovery/prevention of mental and physical damage
  3. Section 3 Efforts towards expansion of participation in criminal procedures
  4. Section 4 Efforts towards support system improvement for support
  5. Section 5 Efforts towards fostering citizens' understanding and consideration and ensuring cooperation

Columns Regarding the Crime Victims

Notes of crime victims and Column related to continuous investigation conducted for each damage type are also inserted.

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