Police Policy Research Center(PPRC)
     Outline of 2014 Open Forum and Annual Conference of Asian Association of Police Studies (Update 7th January 2015)
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Police Policy Research Center (PPRC) was established in May 1996, aiming to reseach police policy for modern and future Japanese society.
PPRC is making researches into measures to combat organaized crime, terrorism and other issues.
 It facilitates exchange of knowledge between police and non-police academic researchers including university professors and other professionals in security field. PPRC also engages in information exchanges with foreign researchers, universities, and other institutes. 
PPRC's current research activities include:
1. Symposium
PPRC is holding a couple of symposiums every year in cooperation with related institutes and foundations. Symposiums target latest public security measures then, inviting top-class researchers and practical experts in Japan and overseas.

[Current Police Policy Forum]
Month Forums
2008 January Multi-agency Partnership approach to Crime Prevention, As Countermeasures against Juvenile Delinquency
March Co-existence with Foreigners and Public Safety
March Liberty and Security of civil Life ~Bridge between Theory and Practice on Public Safety
September Countermeasures against Sex Offences Hereafter
November Enhancing the Commitment of Various Actors to Crime Prevention
2009 January Results of and Challenges in Fight against Street Crime and Boryokudan Gang
July Outcome of and Challenge from Building Safe Communities
November Countermeasures against Boryokudan-gang Funding and Furikome Fraud, for the Maintenance of the Reliable Social and Economic System
2010 August Ensuring the Safety of the APEC Meetings, Public Safety in the Era of Globalization
October International Symposium on Crime Reduction ~Anti-Crime Collaboration between Citizens, Communities, Governments, and Police → Read More !
November Threat for Freedom and Safe by the Globalization
2011 August General Development of Crime Prevention Policies ~Lessons from Japanese Experience → Read More !
November Countermeasures against Violent Social Movements including Anti-globalization Movement
December Considering prevention of recidivism of sex offenders
2012 February Environmental Criminology Approachto Sustainable Community Safety
November Illegal Acceptance of Public Assistance-Analyzing and Measuring Against
"Poverty Business"

 2013 March

Measuring Against Family Violence

Freedom and Security in an ICT Society;Considering the Secrecy of Any Means of Communication

July Future Public Safety and Reassurance-for the "World's Safest Country" in New Era
September A New Development against Today's Cyber Threats;Expectations for Multi-Disciplinary Cooperation between Industry, Government and Academia
December Current Situation and Countermeasure against Crimes by Elderly People

 2014 February

Communication Strategy of the Police in Media Society;For the Cooperation with the Public towards Further Police Activities


Anti-Drug Measures for Today and Tomorrow

 2015 March

Police Activities of Measures against Organized Crime using Concealment and Fabrication


Countermeasures against the Changing Grobal Terrorism


How to Tackle the Threat of Cyber Space

 2016 March

The Risk and Measures concerning the Use of Smartphone in the Juvenile Generation ~Thinking about the Protection Measures for Juveniles in the Developing Environment of the internet~


Prospect and Issues about Social Rehabilitation of Gang Members ~Discuss the Weakening and Devastation of Gangs by the Promotion of Desertion and Employment~


The Current Status and the Future Concerning the Countermeasures for Violence against Women

 2017 February

Countermeasures against the Progress of Globalization ~Focus on the Increase of Permanent-Resident Foreigners~

2. Knowledge exchanges with Non-Police Researchers
PPRC personnel are collaborating with variety of non-police researchers for further police policy reserach.The latest researches include the research collaboration with Keio University   Law School, one of the top schools in Japan, on policy issues in systematically balancing freedom and security as two different essential values in the information oriented society.

3. Lectures at Universities and Graduate Schools
In order to develop research and diffuse police policies, PPRC personnel are having lectures at top of universities and graduate schools in Japan. Scools where PPRC personnel are lecturing University of Tokyo Graduate School of Public Policy, Hitotsubashi the University Graduate School of International and Public Policy, Waseda University Law School, Chuo University Law School, Faculty of Urban Liberal Arts of Tokyo Metropolitan University, and Faculty of Law of Housei University.

4. International Academic Collaborating on Police Policy 
PPRC joins variety of international academic conferences to spread police policy of Japan. PPRC is also working on broad information exchanges with top policy institutes all over the world, including Public Security Policy Research Center of Korean National Police Academy, L'Institut National des Hautes Etudes de Securite(INHES) of France,Le Centre D'Etudes et de Recherches sur la Police (CERP) de L'Universite de Toulouse l of France, and the Center for Security and Society of University of Freiburg, Germany.

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