Suspected Abduction of Cases by North KoreaSuspected Abduction Cases by North Korea北朝鮮による拉致容疑事案について
 Suspected Abduction Case of a Couple (Kagoshima Prefecture)
 On August 12, 1978, Mr.ICHIKAWA Shuichi, 23, left home saying that he would go to the Fukiage beach with Ms.MASUMOTO Rumiko, who left home saying to her family that she would go there with him. Two days later, his vehicle with the doors locked was found in the Fukiage beach campsite. They have not yet been found since then.
 The Japanese police interviewed the persons concerned for the situation, obtained the information in the neighborhood, and compared this case with a similar one, and exchanged information with the authorities and agencies concerned. As a result of these required investigations, it is believed that they were abducted by North Korea, and then taken to North Korea.