Suspected Abduction of Cases by North KoreaSuspected Abduction Cases by North Korea北朝鮮による拉致容疑事案について
 Suspected Abduction Case of two Japanese Males in Europe
 Two Japanese males, ISHIOKA Toru and MATSUKI Kaoru, went missing while they were staying in Europe in 1980. Later, a mail from ISHIOKA, posted in Poland in August 1988, arrived to his family in Japan and in the mail he wrote that MATSUKI, ARIMOTO Keiko, a Japanese female, and himself had been staying in North Korea. It was the first but last news from them and their whereabouts have never been confirmed since.
 The police pursued all the necessary investigations in the matter including interviews with the people concerned and information exchange with foreign relevant authorities and concluded that they were abducted by North Korean agents, taken to and still kept captive in North Korea.
The police, having procured a warrant for the arrest of two suspects in the abduction of Mr. ISHIOKA and Mr. MATSUKI, MORI Yoriko and WAKABAYASHI (a.k.a.KURODA, former family name) Sakiko, both wives of the "Yodo-go" hijackers, had them placed on the Interpol Wanted List and have consistently demanded through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs their immediate extradition from North Korea.