Info-Communications Bureau


Police Info-Communications

Police Info-Communications
    The Info-communications Bureau operates and maintains the police info-communications infrastructure 24/7, enabling emergency response to all crimes, accidents and disasters throughout Japan.
    The Bureau also strives to improve the administrative services and support for front-line police activities through development of unified police information systems and centralized databases at the National Police Agency to facilitate information sharing across all Prefectural Police Headquarters.
    Additionally, the Bureau takes technical measures against increasing threats in cyberspace, such as cybercrimes and cyberattacks, and digital devices used for various crime cases under the rapid progress and prevalence of information technology.

National Police Agency @police

What is “@police”?
    @police is the website operated by High-Tech Crime Technology Division of the National Police Agency, Japan, whose purpose is to prevent cybercrimes and cyber attacks, and to limit the damage from them.
    @police (English version) provides the introduction on Cyber Forces, which are technological units set up at the NPA and local organizations as the technological foundation of countermeasures against cyber attacks, the statistics of number of attacks and scans detected by sensors installed at Internet connection points of police institutes throughout Japan, and so on.

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