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 What is @police?
 @police is a security portal site, whose purpose is to prevent high-tech crimes and cyber terrorism, and keep them from spreading, by quickly providing information gathered by the police on information security to Internet users, and increasing security awareness.
 Content Overview
 @police provides a wealth of different content, in order to help as many people as possible beef up their security.
  This content is aimed at all types of users.
 item The State of Internet Security
    View information on Internet attacks on police facilities nationwide by month.  
 item About Cyber Force
    This page showcases Cyber Force, one of the police's anti cyber-terrorism initiatives.  
 item Important News
    Important news on network security is added on an ongoing basis.  
 item Glossary
    Look up important terminology for viewing this Website.  
 item Site Map
    View a list of Website content.  
 item Lecture Notes, Etc.
    Here you can find the presentation notes and other materials used for National Police Agency lectures.  
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    Links to other sites providing security information.  

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